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I am still shocked and saddened. Josh was my best friend. I am also confused now. How could the liver & kidney's be ok? I know CF can affect the liver & I remember that he had problems with his kidneys awhile back when he had his CF infections & that diabetes can also affect the kidneys. If this was miraculously possible, it is definitely a comfort to know that Josh was able to give life. I would just like to understand how this is possible.

Aunt June

Thank You for taking the time to post this information. I just keep remembering the many times I heard Josh say he was happy to be alive during our family reunion in Sept. We all send our love to you all of you at this time and please know that though we are not physically there with you during this time we are with you all in prayer, love and spirit. Tim Sr, T.J. Joel, Kimberly, Misti, Mina and Domanic


To my dear friend Josh:
I remember your collection of prized toy robots and transformers and Japanamai
You wrote dark lyrics and played bass guitar
We went to a ska show together at the Covered Dish where we danced like maniacs and wore shimmery shirts and corduroy pants.
We would walk miles around your neighborhood
And hung out at the lake, when it was still full
I remember we stole a gorgeous rose from someone's yard and ran
You introduced me to sushi.
Thank you for that;
I may never have eaten seaweed if it weren't for you.
When you were in the hospital I snuck you candy; you had the insulin on hand, ready and calculated
With your mountain dews and stuffed animals and DVDs
I can still hear your laughter; you were always cracking me up with your corny jokes
Josh, your imbominable spirit is alive in my heart
Shining and smiling forever.


Hey Josh. Tonight, Yvonne told me you had left this world. Sorry we can’t say goodbye face to face. We only knew each other a short while, but we shared our lives. I remember conversations about Princess Mononoke, card playin’ showdowns, and home cooked curries. Somehow, you smiled with a luster that defied despair despite the devices and machines, the doctors and bad dreams. I remember the last day we saw each other: the Florida sun shimmered in the ripples of lake Alice, sending sun beams into the tiny church of glass while Leah’s singing voice resonated through the hall on Alena’s wedding day and you stifled a cough. And such was your way. I have known and seen much pain, but few who could endure it simply to breathe the air while watching the beauty of another’s horizon unfolding. You with your warrior heart, proud to have defied the doomsayers one more day. Oh Josh, your life has run into our own. And all those who stand beside you, we hold the pieces of you in our hearts and minds from the dusk to the dawn of this world and on to the next.


Josh, Although I am I am in so much pain knowing that you will not be here with us anymore, I know that you are in a wonderful place now. Even though I didn't see you a lot lately except for when you were in the hospital, I still thought about you the whole time. Karen I am so very sorry for your loss. You are a very strong person. I love you Josh.

Rachel & Seth

I was saddened to hear about Josh’s passing. We spoke with Josh just last week and he seemed as upbeat as always. Josh was always full of energy and optimism. He was also one the most intelligent and well rounded men I know. Whether the topic was history, science, foreign cultures, pop media, and of course Macross (boys and their toys), he was always well versed. We spent many hours discussing a large range of events and ideas, and he always found a way to put forth his own brand of humor. He taught us that the most important part of life was building memories that we will savor for a lifetime. His family must be so proud of him. His courage, strength, and wit will never be forgotten. His friends will remember him with respect and admiration and he will be deeply missed by all. I extend my condolences to his family and everyone whose lives he touched. I hope that the memories we all cherish will help lessen the burden of your sorrow, and that you may draw comfort knowing that others share in your loss. Josh was a remarkable man, and he made a difference in the lives of many people.

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